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Ron Paul: Nothing for Climate Change

Posted on 1/3/2008 1:43:00 PM
Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul's stand on many issues deserves praise. There is his campaign against taxes; Paul stands for abolishing Income Tax and doing away, completely, with the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Besides, he has always stood for a non-interventionist foreign policy. He opposed the war in Iraq, and has called for the total withdrawal of troops. Most important, he stands for the reducing the power of the government to control the lives of Americans.

However, perplexingly, the one crucial issue that Paul does not care to address at all is global warming. In fact, he has gone on record to say that he thinks the issue is "overblown".

The issue of global warming and climate change is a contentious one. Most politicians talk about it but are inhibited when it comes to taking decisions, for fear of upsetting powerful stakes.

Even so—especially in this day and age—for a presidential candidate to completely reject the pressing need of tackling the issue is, quite simply, preposterous. "There are two sides of the (global warming) argument," Paul maintains, indicating that he does not hold global warming to be an issue that deserves our immediate concern.

Responding to a question about the role of the federal government in controlling global warming, this is what Paul had to say, "Then you have to deal with the volcanoes, and you have to deal with China... so what are you going to do, invade China so they don't pollute? He added, "We go to war to protect oil, so that we can buy more oil, and burn more oil. So I say our foreign policy contributes to global warming—by subsidizing a policy that is deeply flawed."
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