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Hillary Clinton : Peter Paul v. Hillary Clinton: Damning evidence

Posted by Kevin on Tue. 11/20/2007 Nominate a Contradicting Video
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Peter Paul v. Hillary Clinton: Damning evidence
Here is a video that is evidence of Hillary Clinton's violation of the law in the Peter Paul v. Clinton case.
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Re: Peter Paul v. Hillary Clinton: Damning evidence
KookyDemocrat on Sat. 03/22/2008

The Clinton’s are named defendants in a Civil Fraud Case connected to Campaign Finance irregularities and have not disclosed the appeal of the case. There will be a trial date set at a hearing on April 25th, just 3 days after the key Pennsylvania Primary for the Fraud Case Paul v. Clinton in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Plaintiff says he will call Gov Rendell will be a witness in the case.

He probably should not be raising funds for Michigan until he has answered questions about this 2000 Clinton Fundraiser. From what I understand, this case began when prior to Sen. Clinton’s 2000 New York Senate campaign and also raised donations for Pres. Clinton’s Library.

We don’t know the Clinton’s side of the story because they have not disclosed this. But Peter Paul tells his side of the story on Video.

Just Google: “Hillary Uncensored”

Los Angeles Superior Court of Appeals:
Then click on Civil Case Summaries and enter case number to see case history.
Case Number: BC304174
Los Angeles Superior Court Public Information Office at (213) 974-5227.

GOP, 527, Citicans United has produced a video for the purpose of exposing this trial and other past events in her political career.

This is the Movie that the Citizens United has created for the GOP to for the Fall.










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